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When Michael William Hogan was a young boy he spent his summers kicking through the tall reeds along the beaches of northern Michigan. Today you might find him cutting through the thick jungle of his island retreat in Tonga. Could this be a sign of someone’s refusal to grow up?

Perhaps. But Michael’s lifelong love of adventure and his penchant for storytelling has resulted in numerous award-winning screenplays, short stories, webisodes and children’s books. He has also produced and directed award-winning short films that have screened at film festivals in the U.S. and Europe.

Sebastian and the Invisible Island is based on Michael’s feature film screenplay, Sebastian and the Lost Atoll.

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If you’ve already enjoyed current releases of the Sebastian and the Invisible Island book series and can’t wait for the next release, you can still read some fun stories written by Michael William Hogan. Click a story title below to download a free copy. Note: Adobe Reader is required.

      Freddy Fletcher’s Flatulence
      Mr. Coco-Nut
      The White Boy

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A serial novel for young readers by
Michael William Hogan

Sebastian Linus Youngfield is sailing the world with his parents, Cameron and Anne, when their voyage takes a dramatic turn in the South Pacific. A massive storm blows in leaving Sebastian adrift at sea in a small dinghy. To survive the adventures ahead, he must cast fear into the depths and summon every skill learned in his young life.  And even that may not be enough to overcome the otherworldly dangers that reside on an invisible island.

New Releases

Book 1: Adrift
Release date: March 10, 2012

Intent on catching a few fish in the early morning hours, Sebastian rows a dinghy to the far side of a tiny island off which the family sailboat is anchored. Unaware of Sebastian’s absence, his father Cameron awakens to discover a storm quickly moving in. He lifts anchor and sets sail for another island group hundreds of miles away. >> read more



Book 2: Green Pelicans
Release date: April 18, 2012

Following several days adrift at sea, Sebastian makes it safely ashore a small island. But he’s not alone. He soon discovers that the island is occupied by a flock of strange florescent green pelicans. And as he ventures to the opposite side of his little speck of land, he discovers a second, much larger island. >> read more

Click on the green pelican to sample Book 2.



ZeppendularsBook 3: Zeppendulars
Release date: May 21, 2012

Forced to seek shelter and safety inside a space ship buried under his motu, Sebastian discovers that the strange florescent green pelicans are actually Dorrgroos, an alien species from another galaxy. >> read more

Click on the flying fox to sample Book 3.

flying fox

Final Book Coming Soon...

Book 4: The Battle for Home
Release date: June 25, 2012

Click on the moon to sample Book 4.

Book 4: Battle for Home